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Financial contribution to augment Martyrs Trust Fund

Asmara, 16 July 2023 – Nationals have contributed financial support to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund and in support of families of the martyrs.

Accordingly, Mr. Mana Mehari from Bayern Munich, Germany has contributed 10 thousand Euros assuming the responsibility of supporting 15 families of the martyrs for two years. The Eritrean community in Geneva, Switzerland on their part extended 6 thousand 400 US dollars assuming the responsibility of supporting nine families of the martyrs for two years. Furthermore, The Cooperative Association of Eritrea for Eritreans in Sweden contributed 10 thousand 200 Swedish Kroner in support of the families of the martyrs.

In related news, Shiula Association from Norway contributed one thousand Norwegian Kroner to augment the martyrs trust fund, and students of Denden Secondary School, Asmara contributed over 7 thousand 900 ER Nakfa, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare reported.

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