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Eritrean Festivals: A Testament to Unity and Cultural Heritage

Eritrean Festivals have served and continue to serve as cultural links for Eritreans who are residing outside the homeland.

Eritreans have held these festivals since the 1970s  and the festivals have played an important part in the Eritrean liberation  struggle, by bringing together Eritreans and providing a forum, among other things, from which the Eritrean leadership in the field gave an update on the liberation struggle and the situation in the liberated areas of Eritrea – a tradition that the Eritrean Government has continued to this day in the post-independence period.

These festivals have always been peaceful and joyous family events, where Eritreans and their families have had occasion to come together to discuss the challenges and celebrate all that is good about their homeland.

In many respects, the Eritrean Festivals have come to symbolize the indomitable spirit and unity of Eritreans. Indeed, the Eritrean Festivals serve as a strong testament of the love, affection, and deep connections that Eritreans harbour in their hearts for their country, wherever they are.

Any student of Eritrean history will be aware of how in the 1940s the British Military Administration in Eritrea sponsored and condoned the violence meted out by outlaws and individuals of ill repute against Eritreans who were members of the Independence Bloc – who had advocated for independence – in a futile bid to dissuade them from their aspirations for independence.

Sadly, in keeping with the blueprint of the 1940s, authorities in a handful of countries in Europe seem, once again,  intent on unleashing a horde of violent gangs against law-abiding Europeans of Eritrean origin and Eritreans residing in Europe, to try and derail Eritrean unity and harmony.

Those who intend to use violence against Eritreans should know that, just as violence did not deter Eritreans in the past, it will not deter them now. Eritrea’s rich history is replete with victory over those who wish to sow discord, disunity, and violence amongst them. Eritrea stands tall, as her enemies continue to fall by the wayside.

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the UK and Ireland

21 July 2023

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