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Seminar to nationals in the UK

Asmara, 21 July 2023- Eritrea’s regional Governors conducted a seminar on 20 July for nationals from the UK cities of New Castle, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham, and London.

At the seminar that was organized in London, Mr. Habteab Tesfatsion, Governor of the Southern Region, gave an extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as the role of Diaspora nationals in national affairs.

Mr. Habteab said that thanks to their strong awareness and cohesive ranks, the Eritrean people have emerged victorious in foiling the overt and covert external hostilities and have reached an encouraging stage.

The participants, for their part, expressed their conviction to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in national affairs.

The Governors, who are participating in the festivals of the nationals in the European countries, have also met and held talks with leaders of national associations.

The event featured artistic and cultural programs.

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