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Seminar on women’s participation in development initiatives

Mendefera, August 16, 2023- A seminar on the role of women in national development programs and national issues was given by Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, President of the National Union of Eritrean Women, to female personnel of the Eastern Command of the Eritrean Defense Forces in Dekemhare.

Ms. Tekea provided a thorough introduction to the history and goals of the national union, the involvement of Eritrean women in numerous national endeavors, and the struggle for equality of Eritrean women.

Ms. Tekea praised the heroic efforts made by Eritrean women in the country’s development, in the struggle for national independence, and in defending national sovereignty while outlining the role female graduates from various colleges are playing in the process of building the country.

Ms. Tekea urged the participants to increase their overall capacity and participation in national matters as she noted that more work needs to be done to fully ensure the equal status of women in society.

The participants commending for organizing the seminar called for its sustainability.

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