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Strong discipline demonstrated at National Festival

Asmara, 20 August 2023- The National Festival 2023 reported that attests to the great culture of the Eritrean people was marked by strong discipline and solidarity.

The weeklong festival’s vistors’ discipline and unity, according to Cap. Mebrahtu Mehari and Cap. Sembelawit Redae, commanders of the 3rd and 4th Police Stations, attested to the great culture and cohesion of the Eritrean people.

Members of the police assigned to the festival as part of the law enforcement unit complimented the festival attendees for their cooperation, pointing out that they were aware of the strong awareness and role that Eritreans play in maintaining peace and stability in their community.

According to Police Traffic members, there haven’t been any reported traffic accidents during the week of the festival.

On the other hand, festival attendees conveyed gratitude for the law enforcement officers’ and the public transportation unit’s roles in fostering a good environment for attendees.

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