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HARAT Transportation Company opens new route

Mendefera, 22 August 2023- HARAT Transportation Company has opened a new route from Asmara to Adi-Felesti, Dubarwa sub-zone starting from 20 August.

Mr. Neguse Gerzgihier, acting manager of the company said that the new route covers 36 km from Dubarwa town and called on the residents to conduct regular follow-up of the road for its sustainability.

Mr. Frewengel Teklehaimanot, administrator of the sub-zone, on his part said that residents of 13 administrative areas in the sub-zone will become beneficiaries of the transportation facility and congratulated the residents.

The residents on their part expressed readiness to conduct regular follow-up on the road for its sustainability.

Adi-Felesti administrative area in Dubarwa sub-zone is located 66 km from Asmara.

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