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Henok Mulubrhan’s Cycling Triumph

By : - Sabrina Solomon

Eritrea, a trailblazing nation in the world of cycling, has seen its cycling legends rise to conquer the global stage. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you another interview with the remarkable Henok Mulubrhan, a cycling champion whose remarkable feats continue to captivate the world. At 23 years of age, he has once again demonstrated his prowess, achieving exceptional results in cycling competitions held in China and Rwanda. With multiple medals under his belt, Henok’s relentless dedication and hard work continue to propel him to new heights.

  • Henok, please update us on your journey since our last interview.

My journey has been marked by unceasing training with my team in Italy, combined with rigorous local training whenever I’m back home. I’ve actively participated in numerous competitions. This year, I secured victory in the African Cycling Championship and the Tour de Rwanda, amassing 200 UCI points, culminating in a total of 861.75 points from various events. Following the Giro D’Italia, I returned to Eritrea and clinched a Bronze medal in the Eritrean Cycling Championship. I also ventured to China for the Qungay Lake Cycling Competition. As my current team contract nears its end, I’m receiving offers to join various world tour teams, with decisions pending as the year concludes.

  • Are you satisfied with your performance in the competitions thus far?

To be honest, I’m not fully satisfied. I recognize I could have achieved more, especially during the Eritrean Cycling Championship where I landed in third place, missing an opportunity for a better result. Anticipating the May competition, I trained rigorously in Eritrea, preparing for both the Eritrean Championship and Giro D’Italia. I’m determined to build on my preparations and innate talent this year.

  • So, the green shirt, tell us more.

Absolutely. My aim during the tour of Qungay Lake was to secure the coveted yellow shirt. Yet, I earned the green shirt thanks to the points accrued from previous competitions. These points acted as placeholders, granting me more time to strive for the yellow shirt. I was pleasantly surprised and elated to receive the green shirt. However, the challenge lies in retaining it. The heartache of losing a shirt is profound. To safeguard my achievement, I pushed myself beyond limits – a journey that continues.

  • How did fans react to your triumph?

Cycling consumes my energy, commitment, and emotions. I’ve poured my heart into it, shedding blood, sweat, and tears for my goals. This competition marked a first for me. Winning a green or yellow shirt, along with a stage name, is monumental. Thus, I received an outpouring of well-wishes from various clubs and fellow cyclists. The success I attained in China remains etched in my memory. The global support and inspiration I received propelled me forward.

  • Your team exhibited extraordinary performance. What teamwork and strategies played a role?

Our team, “Green Project,” epitomizes unity and harmony. We approached the competition as a unified force. Though two members faced health-related setbacks, we persevered. My success is intrinsically linked to the collective efforts of the team. Our discipline and relentless work ethic propelled us in the competitions. I’m profoundly grateful to my teammates.

  • I heard about your training accident that led to a week-long hospital stay.

Indeed, that’s accurate. An accident occurred in Italy, requiring hospitalization due to a back injury. The setback disrupted my training routine, and the frustration of being confined to a hospital bed while unable to train was immense. However, my teammates provided unwavering support, offering hope. I recuperated and returned to the track swiftly.

  • What lies ahead for Henok?

My current team contract concludes by year-end. I’m already contemplating offers from major world tour teams, and the anticipation is exhilarating. To be the best, one must emulate the best. Excelling at this level demands more than mere aspiration; it necessitates unwavering commitment. My upbringing in a self-reliant, morally robust nation spurs me onward. I aspire to make my nation proud and carve a legacy in the cycling realm. The best is yet to come.

  • Thank you.

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