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Activity assessment meeting of Ministry of Education

Asmara, 31 August 2023- With the goal of ensuring competent and high-quality education, the Ministry of Education held its annual activity assessment meeting for the 2022–2023 school year.

Heads of regional education offices, Warsai Yikealo and Vocational Training Center in Sawa, as well as Eritrean community schools in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, delivered reports at the conference that was held on August 29 and 30.

The reports covered the progress made in providing equitable and high-quality education, the objective state of the schools, the challenges encountered during the start of the school year, the internal capacity of education and student enrollment, the capacity of supervision, the activities and situation of boarding schools, the implementation of the summer work program for students, their performance on national exams, as well as extracurricular activities in the areas of culture, health, and sports.

Mr. Petros Hailemariam

The participants engaged in a thorough discussion of the reports that were presented and adopted a number of recommendations, including improving supervision and activity assessment, having the Ministry of Education open a training facility, balancing students’ preferences for natural and social education, recognizing outstanding teachers and fostering a supportive environment, and looking into the low participation rate of females in school, among others.

Director General of Human Resources Development at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Petros Hailemariam, spoke at the occasion and stated that efforts are being made to revise the curriculum in order to make it fit with the national development agenda.

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