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AlHadath: Ramping up Fabricated Accusations

Saudi-based TV channel AlHadath spewed fabricated vitriol against Eritrea in its broadcast this afternoon.  This is not the first time for this channel to spread outrageous allegations against Eritrea by quoting obscure “pundits” but without any modicum of effort to ascertain the validity of these stories.

In today’s “news analysis” in connection to the deplorable events in Israel yesterday, AlHadath recycles long discredited stories on presumed “Israeli bases and secret military pacts” with Eritrea.

For the umpteenth time, the Government of Eritrea underlines that:

  • Eritrea had never entered at any time in the past, and does not have, any sort of military pact with Israel;
  • Israel has never had, and does not have, listening posts in Eritrea;
  • These lies continue to be periodically floated and amplified by certain forces who harbour negative agendas against Eritrea;
  • In regard to the violent attacks perpetrated to disrupt the Festivals and other half-century-old lawful activities of law-abiding Eritrean communities in the Diaspora, the GOE will issue a full statement on the underlying motives, as well as external tentacles and forces that have instigated and are embroiled in these despicable acts.

Ministry of Information


3 September 2023

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