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Futile Acts of Subversion

In the past few weeks, we have seen organized acts of violence and vandalism in a number of cities in Europe and elsewhere against Festivals and other National Events organized by Eritrean communities in the Diaspora.

The central objective of these violent acts were to disrupt decades-old, exemplary, and rich cultural events that Eritreans in the Diaspora hold at auspicious historical junctures throughout the year to preserve their national identity and heritage; deepen their national cohesion; and, cement their bondage with their homeland.

The recent violent acts of harassment have unfolded against this backdrop and perspective.  They are evidently prompted by, and designed to, achieve ulterior political objectives.

More pointedly:

  1. The futile acts of subversion – perpetrated through surrogate and rogue groups – are in essence sponsored by major intelligence agencies (including MOSSAD).  Bewildered, as they are, by the indomitable resilience of the Eritrean people, they desperately seek to foment division within its ranks. The details will be divulged in due time.
  2. Vicious lies peddled about “Eritrean refugees” will also be fully debunked in the coming days to dispel distorted narratives and misperceptions.

Ministry of Information


5 September 2023

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