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Inaugural Africa Climate Summit concluded

Asmara, 06 September 2023- The Inaugural Africa Climate Summit that was underway from 4 to 6 September in Nairobi concluded adopting various resolutions and recommendations.

At the conclusion event in the afternoon hours today in which over 20 African leaders as well as officials of the United Nations and African Union took part, President William Ruto of the Republic of Kenya expressed appreciation to the participants for the effort they demonstrated for the future of Africa.

President William Ruto urged the use of African resources in the endeavor to combat the effects of climate change, signaling that significant ideas and suggestions had been advanced at the summit.

President Isaias Afwerki also attended meetings that were organized on the sideline of the summit.

President Isaias Afwerki departed to Kenya on 4 September on the invitation of President William Ruto to attend the Inaugural Africa Climate Summit.

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