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Program for developing capacity at Amberbeb Share Company

Asmara, 16 September 2023 – Amberbeb Share Company, the legal representative for three Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Yamaha, and Komatsu, is working hard to build the skills of its staff.

In order to stay up with the company’s technical advancement, the company has been training employees since 1997 in accordance with the Toyota Company’s standard curriculum, said Mr. Girmay Abraha, the company’s managing director.

According to Mr. Girmay, the training is centered on scientific maintenance techniques for Toyota car engines, administration, procuring, restoring, and distribution of vehicle replacement parts, as well as auto-painting.

Apart from regularly hosting training sessions for members’ capacity building, Mr. Girmay added, the company also conducts technology transfer training for staff members of various government agencies, such as college professors, drivers, and fish farmers, with encouraging results.

The company’s employees who underwent training indicated that it helped them improve their ability to master the repair of numerous Toyota car components as well as teamwork, client satisfaction, and safety.

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