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Halhale Agro-Industry Project Advances Knowledge Sharing

Mendefra, 12 April 2024 – The Halhale agro-industry project, under the auspices of the Livestock and Crops Corporation, is making significant contributions to the exchange of knowledge and experience with newly assigned college graduates.

Maj. Kibreab Abraham, General Manager of the Corporation, reported that over three thousand college graduates, including more than two thousand two hundred, are actively engaged in the project. He noted that their involvement through on-the-job theoretical and practical training is significantly contributing to the project’s development.

Maj. Kibreab further stated that the graduates are involved in various activities such as dairy farming, preparation of vegetable and fruit seeds, and farming of vegetables and animal fodder. They also participate in the installation of water pipelines, playing a vital role in the project’s expansion and improvement.

The college graduates themselves reported gaining valuable experience by actively participating in agro-industry activities. They expressed a strong commitment to further enhance their participation in the development of the project.

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