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World Malaria Day Observed

Asmara, 23 April, 2024 – World Malaria Day 2024 was observed at the regional level in Tsaeda Christian under the theme “Let’s Strengthen Our Efforts Against Malaria.”

At the event, reports were presented focusing on the efforts exerted to control the prevalence of the disease and the challenges encountered.

Mr. Kibreab Tesfamicael, head of malaria control at the Ministry of Health branch in the Central Region, stated that due to sustainable environmental sanitation activities and the distribution of impregnated bed nets, the prevalence of malaria, which was 0.4% in 2018, has been reduced to 0.08% in 2023. He also noted that strong efforts are being exerted to completely eradicate the disease from the region.

Mr. Tesfu Fesehatsion, administrator of Berik sub-zone, commended the efforts by the Ministry of Health and stakeholders, noting that the prevalence of the disease in the sub-zone has significantly reduced.

World Malaria Day is being observed for the 17th time at the international level and for the 6th time at the national level.

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