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Eri-Diaspora Engages in Varied Public Diplomacy Activities

Asmara, 10 May 2024 – Eritrean nationals residing in Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA are actively participating in extensive public diplomacy activities, including seminars, conferences, and celebrations, among others.

According to a report from the Public and Community Affairs Office in Italy, seminars were held from 14 January to 28 April in 11 cities, including Abruzzo, Florence, Padova, Torino, Bologna, Napoli, Bari, Catania, and Palermo. These seminars saw the participation of over 2,000 nationals. At these events, the Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of Italy, Mr. Fesshazion Pietros, along with diplomats from the Eritrean Embassy, delivered briefings focused on strengthening the resilience and organizational capacity of the 4th Front. They highlighted the noble values and resilience of the Eritrean people in achieving independence, safeguarding sovereignty, and countering external conspiracies, and called for enhanced participation of nationals abroad in the implementation of outlined national development programs.

In related news, on April 21 and 27, respectively, Mr. Negasi Kassa, the ambassador of Eritrea to the EU and Benelux Countries, gave seminars for citizens living in Amsterdam and Sullen.

During these seminars, Ambassador Negasi provided extensive briefings on national development programs outlined for 2024 and beyond, Eritrea’s foreign policy, and the significance of strong organizational capacity in implementing national programs.

Mr. Kibreab Tewolde, Head of Consular Affairs, and Mr. Isaac Minassie, Head of Public and Community Affairs, also provided extensive briefings on consular services and public diplomacy activities.

Likewise, the National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Sweden organized a virtual annual activity assessment meeting via webinar on 27 April. Ms. Saba Tekle, Head of the branch union, underscored the heroic role of Eritrean women in achieving independence, safeguarding sovereignty, and preserving national values and identity, calling for its sustainability. Participants, including the Head of the Public and Community Affairs branch in the Embassy of Eritrea in Scandinavian countries, discussed observed strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly, in the US, nationals residing in Columbus and its environs in Ohio State, as well as Indianapolis, conducted a celebration under the theme “Fenkil against all odds and challenges.” During the occasion, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet, Charge d’Affairs of the Eritrean Embassy in the USA, presented a seminar titled “Current Opportunities and Challenges.

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