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A New Dam under Construction in the Dirfo Area

Asmara, 13 May 2024 – A new dam, in cooperation with the community and members of the Defense Forces, is under construction in the Dirfo area in Akria sub-zone.

Eng. Kesete Gebregergis, coordinator of the projects, indicated that the dam has a capacity of holding 200 thousand cubic meters of water. Eng. Kesete also mentioned that upon the completion of the construction, the dam will significantly contribute to enriching the underground water and ensuring potable water supply to the public, as well as supporting the development of vegetable and fruit farming.


Commending the substantial investment the Government is making, Mr. Omar Ibrahim, administrator of the Dirfo area, called on the residents to strengthen participation in the construction effort, understanding its contribution to their daily lives.

The residents, for their part, expressed readiness to play their due part in the effort, noting the dam’s contribution to improving their livelihoods.

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