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Nationals Celebrate Independence Day Anniversary

Asmara, 28 May 2024 – The 33rd Independence Day anniversary was colorfully celebrated by nationals in Kenya, Australia and New Zealand, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, the US, and France under the theme “Peace Anchored on Resilience.”

At the celebratory event in Nairobi, which included invited guests and members of the diplomatic community, Mr. Beyene Russom, Eritrea’s Ambassador to Kenya, and Mr. Dawit Hagos, acting chairman of the Eritrean community, emphasized that independence is a gift of our martyrs to the Eritrean people and called for its preservation.

At the event, Ambassador Dennis Mburu, director of the African Union at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, congratulated the people and Government of Eritrea and highlighted that strengthening relations between Eritrea and Kenya benefits both countries and beyond.

Similarly, nationals in Melbourne, Australia, celebrated the Independence Day anniversary on 24 May, featuring various programs depicting the day and their attachment to their homeland. Celebratory events were also organized in the Australian cities of Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and Brisbane, as well as in Oakland, New Zealand.

Speaking at the occasion in Melbourne, Mr. Mehari Tekeste, Eritrea’s Consul General in Australia, congratulated the people and Government of Eritrea and called on nationals to strengthen their organizational capacity and participation in national affairs. At the event in Brisbane, representatives of Sudan, South Sudan, Somali communities, and other African countries delivered messages of solidarity.

The 33rd Independence Day anniversary celebration in Lebanon featured cultural and artistic programs and narrations highlighting the resilience of the Eritrean people against external hostilities.

Eritrean nationals in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem, and Amersfoort also celebrated the anniversary. At these events, Mr. Kibreab Tewolde, head of Consular Affairs, and Mr. Isak Minasie, head of Public and Community Affairs, called on nationals to strengthen unity and participate in national development programs.

At the celebratory event in Rome, Italy, Mr. Fesehatsion Petros, Eritrea’s Ambassador to Italy stated that the independent political choice of Eritrea was the outcome of the strong resilience and sacrifice of the Eritrean people. He also emphasized that the Government of Eritrea will work with societies that recognize the stance and vision of the country. Similar events were conducted in the Italian cities of Bologna, Bari, Abruzzo, and Catania.

Nationals in the US cities of San Diego, Columbus-Ohio, and Atlanta enthusiastically celebrated the 33rd Independence anniversary, featuring various programs. The events were attended by numerous nationals residing in those cities and friends of Eritrea. A statement from the Eritrea Embassy was also presented at the events.

Nationals in the city of Nantes, France also colorfully celebrated the 33rd Independence Day anniversary featuring various programs depicting the day.

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