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Cultural Program in Connection with Martyrs Day

Asmara, 16 June 2024 – A cultural program in connection with Martyrs Day, 20 June, was organized by artists at Cinema Roma on 15 June under the theme “Our Arts to Our Martyrs”. The event was coordinated by the Commission of Culture and Sports and was participated in by veterans and young artists.

The objective of the program was to remember the martyrs who paid their precious lives for their people and country and to renew the pledge to live up to the expectations of the martyrs.

In related news, a tree planting program in connection with Martyrs Day is being carried out in the port city of Massawa. The program was attended by residents of the city, Government employees, and students. The program, which commenced at the beginning of June, included the cultivation of trees at the Martyrs Cemetery in Kutmia, as well as in the areas of Segalet Qetan, Idaga, Salina plain, and Adis-Alem.

Indicating that the tree planting initiative, conducted since 2021 at educational institutions, religious sites, individual homes, and entertainment centers, has yielded commendable results, Mr. Haile Asfaha, Mayor of the port city of Massawa, stated that the day is a reminder for every citizen to respond practically to the Martyrs Trust. He also called for the sustainability of the program.

Similarly, sportspeople in Mai-Mine sub-zone conducted a popular campaign in connection with Martyrs Day at the Martyrs Cemetery in their area. A blood donation program was also conducted in Mendefera sub-zone, organized by the National Voluntary Blood Donors Association.

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