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Prayer Service in Connection with Martyrs’ Day

Asmara, 19 June 2024 – Prayer services and sermons marking Martyrs’ Day were held at St. Michael Church and Al-Khulafae Al-Rashideen Grand Mosque in the capital city, Asmara.

This morning, the service at St. Michael Church was attended by Abune Petros, Archbishop of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, along with Abune Lukas, Secretary General of the Holy Synod, and other members including archbishops and a number of the faithful.

Religious leaders from the Catholic and Lutheran Churches also participated in the service. During the event, Abune Petros delivered a speech emphasizing the profound significance of the day and the solemn responsibilities it entails for every citizen.

Merigeta Mulugeta Simon from the Office of the Patriarch, indicating that the peace and tranquility that we are enjoying the precious gift our martyrs, said that Martyrs Day is a sacred day on which every citizen renews their pledge to live up to the expectations of martyrs.

Similarly, in the afternoon hours of today, Salat and Dua services were conducted at the Al-Khulafae Al-Rashideen Grand Mosque, preceded by Sheik Salem Ibrahim Almukhtar, Mufti of Eritrea.

Sheik Salem Ibrahim said that our martyrs have sacrificed their precious lives so that we can live in peace and harmony, and he called for reinforced contributions in support of the families of martyrs.

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