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Programs in Connection with Martyrs Day

Barentu, 19 June 2024 – Programs including support to families of martyrs and popular campaigns have been conducted in the sub-zones of Barentu, Mensura, and Golij in the Gash Barka Region.

According to reports, 200 thousand Nakfa contributed by government employees in the Barentu sub-zone has been distributed to 100 families of martyrs. Mr. Tesfa’alem Bahta, administrator of the sub-zone, noted that the initiative demonstrates the respect and honor they hold for the martyrs.

Mr. Gebreselassie Negash, Director General of Administration and Finance in the Gash Barka Region, commended the initiative and called for its sustainability.

Similarly, 34 thousand Nakfa contributed by government employees in the Mensura sub-zone has been disbursed to families of martyrs in the administrative areas of Mentai, Hirkok, and Mensura.

Additionally, a popular campaign at the Martyrs Cemetery was conducted in the Golij sub-zone, participated in by residents, government employees, and members of the Police Force.

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