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Financial support to families of martyrs

Asmara, 23 June 2024 – Government workers in Logo-Anseba sub-zone extended 98 thousand Nakfa in support of families of martyrs in their area.

Mr. Abraham Hagos, administrator of the sub-zone, said that the money that the Government workers extended was distributed to families of martyrs that were identified by the concerned bodies in their areas of residence.

Similarly, residents of Liban, Deki-Shehay and Mekerka administrative areas contributed 27 thousand 500 Nakfa, 7 thousand 500 Nakfa and 10 thousand Nakfa respectively in support of families of martyrs.

Government employees and well-off individuals in Nakfa sub-zone also contributed 81 thousand Nakfa in support of families of martyrs. The contribution was made at the popular campaign they conducted in connection with Martyrs Day.

In related news, Foro and Dekemhare sub-zones, in connection of Martyrs Day, extended over 800 thousand Nakfa in support of families of martyrs.

In Foro sub-zone, 81 thousand Nakfa contributed by Government and PFDJ employees, national associations in the Northern Red Sea Region was distributed to disadvantaged families of martyrs.

The office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Foro sub-zone distributed 10 thousand each to 35 foster families, disabled individuals and elders across all administrative areas in the sub-zone.

In other news, 124 thousand 908 Nakfa contributed by Government employees in Dekemhare sub-zone was disbursed to families of martyrs across 18 administrative areas. Residents of all administrative areas in the sub-zone also contributed 200 thousand 392 Nakfa.

Youth workers organization in the Southern Red Sea Region also contributed 120 thousand Nakfa in support of families of martyrs.

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