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Commemoration of Martyrs Day by Diaspora Nationals

Asmara, 24 June 2024- Eritrean communities in Switzerland, the US, and Austria solemnly marked Martyrs Day with fervent patriotic fervor.

The commemorative event in the Swiss cities of Geneva, Burn, Basel, St. Galen, Lausanne, Solothurn, Lucerne, Jura and Chur featured a walkathon, a candle vigil, and cultural and artistic programs.

The participants of the events expressed conviction to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in the national affairs. At the events, nationals in Geneva contributed 3 thousand 200 Swiss Francs; nationals in Burn 2 thousand 200 Swiss Francs; nationals in Basel 9 thousand 310 Swiss Francs; nationals in St. Galen 2 thousand 210 Swiss Francs; nationals in Lucerne 6 thousand Swiss Francs; and nationals in Lausanne 6 thousand 200 Swiss Francs towards augmenting the National Trust Fund.

Additionally, 25 residents of Bern donated 14,400 Swiss Francs to support 21 families of martyrs. In Basel, 12 families contributed 8,640 Swiss Francs in support of 12 other families of martyrs.

In the US, the Eritrean community in Chicago commemorated the day with dedication and contributed USD 34,560 to support 36 families of martyrs. In Columbus, Ohio, attendees raised USD 3,900 for the Martyrs Trust Fund, and 20 individuals committed to supporting 20 families of martyrs. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, contributions totaled USD 3,535, and in Oakland, the day was marked with a walkathon and a candle vigil.

In Austria, the Eritrean communities in Vienna and Linz also celebrated Martyrs Day with various activities, underscoring their continuous patriotic commitment.

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