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Excavation of Archaeological Heritage in Egri-Mekel

Mendefera, 05 July 2024 – An excavation of archaeological heritage has been conducted in the area of Meal-Arha in Egri-Mekel, Emini-Haili sub-zone, in collaboration with the Commission of Culture and the Southern Region administration.

Dr. Abraham Zeray, an archaeologist at the Commission of Culture and Sports, indicated that the archaeological finding was discovered during the construction of a dam in the area. The discovery included human remains and ceramics. Dr. Abraham also mentioned that additional studies are needed to determine the age of the archaeological findings.

Commending the residents for their initiative in informing the concerned institutions about the findings and their keen interest in preserving ancient heritage, Mr. Gebremicael Gebreselasie, an archaeologist at the Department of Culture and Sports in the region, called on others to do the same if they come across heritage items in their areas.

Egri-Mekel is located 7 km south of the Mendefera-Adi-Quala road.

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