A Question of Expertise: Some thoughts on Eritrea and the Horn

Just two short years ago, in July 2018, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed signed the Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship in Asmara. The agreements ended the long state of war and hostility between the two countries and opened an exciting new era of peace, friendship, and comprehensive cooperation. Efforts […]

NARI Reinforces Field Research and Laboratory Test on Seeds

The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) has been reinforcing its capacity to do laboratory seed testing in a bid to provide farmers with select seeds that are suitable for a particular climate and have high yield capacity. Seed testing has been developed to minimize risk by assessing the quality of a seed before it is […]

The Eritrean Gitano, Bokre.

Where there are young people there is always something new. At the dairy farm in Halhale, which is part of the Logo and Misilam development pilot project, we were amazed by an event that seemed to have been extracted from The Brave One. A story of friendship of a young girl, Eden Kesete, a veterinarian, […]

Desert locust combating activities continue

Asmara, 27 October 2020 – Concerted control measures are underway in various Regions of the country to combat desert locust swarm invasions from Ethiopia, the Ministry of Agriculture reported. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the Southern Region, effective desert locust infestation control measures are underway in Adi-Keih, Emni-Haili, Tserona, Adi-Kuala, Mendefera and other […]

Pediatric center at Massawa Referral Hospital

Massawa, 27 October 2020 – Pediatric care center with a neonatal intensive care unit has been established at Massawa Regional Referral Hospital. Previously, infant care services had been provided under other units of the hospital due to lack of rooms and equipment, the report added. Speaking to Erina, Dr. Berhe Tesfay, Medical Director of Massawa […]