Rehabilitated families of martyrs improving their livelihoods

Barentu, 18 June 2021- Mr. Tesfazghi Okbazghi, managing director in Tesenei sub-zone, indicated that the rehabilitated families of martyrs and war-disabled veterans are improving their livelihoods.

Mr. Tesfazghi said that over the past ten years business owners in the sub-zone contributed over 10.6 million Nakfa and that financial and material support worth 7 million Nakfa has been extended to 673 families of martyrs and residential houses worth 3.7 million Nakfa have been constructed for four war-disabled veterans.

Mr. Tesfazghi went on to say that as part of the rehabilitation program the sub-zone provided houses for small businesses for a number of families of martyrs and land for cultivation for 100 families of martyrs.

Commending the initiative taken by owners of businesses and the public in supporting families of martyrs and war-disabled veterans, Mr. Saleh Osman and Ms. Meaza Mahrai, members of the rehabilitation committee, called for reinforced contribution.

Mr. Mohammed Nur Ali-Seid, head of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans, on his part said that the support nationals inside the country and abroad are extending attests to the respect and honor the Eritrean people have towards their martyrs.