Contribution to augment Martyrs Trust Fund

Asmara, 21 October 2021 – Nationals residing in Germany have contributed over 52 thousand euros aimed at augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund as well as supporting families of martyrs.

According to a report from the Embassy of Eritrea in Germany, the Community and National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Giessen contributed 600 Euro, National Committee in Munich 6 thousand 600 Euro, Eritrean Community in Roytilingen and its environs 1 thousand 200 Euro, Sports Group ‘Adal-Kolahta’ in the city of Esslingen/Stuttgart 1 thousand 220 Euro, Giessen city Handay cultural Group 1 thousand 200 Euro, Eritrean community in Siegen city 1 thousand 080 Euro, and nationals residing in Berlin contributed 3 thousand Euro in support of families of the martyrs.

Furthermore, a number of nationals residing in Germany and a national from Austria contributed a total of 5 thousand 047 Euro, the report added.

In related news, a national committee in Mannheim and its environs contributed 3 thousand 130 Euro, a national committee in Wuppertal 2 thousand 500 Euro, “Fre-Tsinat” Children 325 Euro, Eritrean Community in Wiesbaden 1 thousand 260 Euro, Association of Eritreans in Tubingen 2 thousand 800 Euro, nationals residing in Austria 1 thousand 860 Euro, nationals residing in Hamburg and its environs 1 thousand 530 Euro, nationals residing in Kassel and its environs 1 thousand 048 Euro, nationals residing in Cologne and its environs 5 thousand 396 Euro, nationals residing in Frankfurt and its environs 7 thousand Euro, nationals residing in Offenbach 1 thousand 555 Euro, PFDJ members in Frankfurt 1 thousand Euro, as well as Martyrs Group in Bellfield and its environs contributed 455 Euro toward augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund.