United Voice That Fortifies Eritrean Independence

Eritreans all over, from America to the continent of Australia are preparing to conduct an extensive demonstration against the unjust sanctions imposed on Eritrea by the Security Council at the behest of the US Administration on February the 22nd 2010. Fully understanding the importance of the national responce to the injustice the Eritrean people are […]

Ministry of Health: Striving To Deliver Best Health Care Service

Eritrean health care system has shown remarkable progress in the past 18 years of independence, owing to intensive efforts to ensure the provision of health care for every national. Parallel to this, it is equally important to strengthen the administrative aspects of the health system so as to monitor and evaluate the quality of services […]

Planning Ahead For Sustainable Agricultural Production

Enhancing productivity through the adoption of appropriate technology has been identified as perquisite to achieving sustainable food security. The different departments within the Ministry of Agriculture have been setup to the realization of efficient, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector. Revitalizing and developing the agricultural infrastructure, has also been the focal point in achieving envisaged plans. […]

“A Land Of Promise Never Kneels Down”

After a considerable time of illness and intensive health follow-up, Secretary of the PFDJ, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed-Seid has been able to resume his regular activities. On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Fenkil Operation, Mr. Al-Amin conducted an interview with shabait. Excerpts follow:

Press Release

IGAD: A communiqué devoid of any legality The IGAD Council of Ministers has issued a communiqué on Somalia and Eritrea following a meeting convened in Ethiopia this weekend. Apart from its ill-advised content which can only exacerbate the crisis in Somalia and hamper the objectives of peace and security in the Horn of Africa, the […]

United We Challenge: Political Culture of Eritrean People

The unjust decision to impose sanctions against Eritrea by the Security Council at the behest of the United States has met a fervent challenge from Eritreans living inside the country and abroad. For Eritrean values and unity, a force that has accomplished miracles in the past, is still resonant and strong.

Documenting precious treasure for the future

Mr. Zarai Haile is one of the freedom fighters-photographers during the armed struggle for liberation period. The valiant photographers and fighters of the time sacrificed their blood and toil to document the bravery and extraordinary feats of their fellow fighters. Mr. Zarai was head of the cinema unit of the EPLF from 1983 – 1991 […]

Small Gestures: Profound Meaning

It is often said that adversity is the best teacher. It is in times of trial that people discover their strength and develop strong values. As a result of a difficult history the Eritrean people had developed many enviable values that have for so long been a source of their strength. One of the characteristic […]

Great Leap Forward By The Eritrean Mass Media

In this era of globalization where the world is being swayed by the power of information with each passing day, the Eritrean Ministry of Information is striving vigorously to build a competitive media outlet. A mass media that serves the truth and is acceptable at the regional and international level.

Successful Investment In Human Resource To Boost The Health Sector

Recently Orota School of Medicine and Dentistry has graduated 39 doctors, following which the Asmara school of Associate Nurse graduated 416 associate nurses in certificate level and now, on the 23rd of January 2010, the college of Nursing and Health Technology has, in its 9th commencement, graduated 221 specialists as comprehensive nurses and midwives in […]

The Issue of Eritrea at United Nations Assembly

The people of Eritrea were happy about their question being brought before the UN Assembly for they believed that their right to decide their own fate would be protected. The Eritrean people were to learn soon that the UN was not particularly interested in their legitimate rights or questions. 

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Eritrea Requests the AU to Respect its Membership Rights The Government of Eritrea has urged the African Union to respect its membership rights and not to discuss any matter regarding Eritrea at AU Summits convened in Addis Ababa. Eritrea’s concerns are predicted on the following: