Sawa: Center Of Empowerment For Young Eritreans

The Government of Eritrea has established different vocational training centers with the view of enhancing the number of skilled professionals, particularly among the youth. These training centers are making significant contribution in nurturing knowledge-equipped young workers. These youth in turn are playing vital role in backing up the on-going national development campaign. The Center for […]

CEVOT Upgrading Students’ Technological Know-How

The center for vocational training (CEVOT) was established in April 2007 in Sawa with the primary objective of producing skilled workforce that could accelerate the dynamics of national development and easily cope with ever-growing technological advancement. To this end much focus has been given to meet the growing demand for skilled workers.

The Government of Eritrea

After the official declaration of Eritrean constitution by the country’s newly formed assembly: it was passed to the Emperor Haileselasie of Ethiopia for approval where he signed it for the implantation which also declared the official annexation of Eritrea with Ethiopia. This was done in September 11, 1952.  And just before the official annexation of […]

Northern Red Sea Region: The land of Adventures

It is a home for natural resources including variety of marine species, incredible landscape, clear and unpolluted seashore, archaeological sites, infrastructure wonders, forestry, wildlife and more and more. Every rock, every village and every single place has its own history to tell and magnificence to provide to any lucky individual who visits, but even the […]