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ሓበሬታ ካብ ሚኒስትሪ ጥዕና

ሎሚ 17 ሰነ ኣብ መወሸቢ ማእከላት ዞባታት ማእከል፡ ደቡብ፡ ሰሜናዊ ቀይሕ ባሕሪን ጋሽ-ባርካን ብዝተገብረ ናይ ላቦራቶሪ መርመራታት፡ 86 ዜጋታት ብኮሮና ቫይረስ ምልካፎም…


On 15 June 2021, UN Security Council members held an in-person informal interactive dialogue (IID) on the…

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